Dallas Reconciliation Conference

September 20th, 2010

The much-anticipated ORM Reconciliation Conference took place on Saturday and Sunday, August 7-8, in Dallas, Texas after about fifteen months of planning.  Our special thanks go to the organizers, Chapter Leaders Tom Pickett, Arnold Clauson and Bob Persky.

Photo by Ryan Dute

It was a great experience with excellent participation, transformation and fun!  Following is a sampling of the feedback we received:

“All the speakers were excellent – lots of material for us to digest and apply to our relationships.  Thank you all for the work you went to in order for us to have this      opportunity.”

“I benefited from every session attended.”

“Great speakers and great organization!  Fantastic!”

“I appreciated Curtis May’s description of his upbringing and the way God helped him     come out of the hatred that he experienced.”

On Sunday we ended the morning session with commissioning Pastor Bob Persky of Dallas as a new ORM Chapter Leader.

Photo by Ryan Dute