Feedback from Oklahoma City Workshop Sept. 23-25, 2011

What did you like most about the workshop?

What I liked was seeing how far the church has come and I don’t ever want it to be like it has been in the past.  I am glad we stayed to see these things happen.  I have customers that tell me they are not happy in their church.  They don’t feel welcome.  So I say, “Shop around and you will know it by the fruits of the people; you will say this is the place you can grow.  And by all means stay where you are planted.”

I liked the videos of hearing how people of all races and walks of life talk about the realness of racism and how it made them feel.  This truly touched me on a personal level, being an African American myself.  This workshop opened up some resentment that I need to overcome.

The atmosphere of openness and honesty, and that nothing was forced upon anyone.  The knowledge of reconciliation flowed freely.

Much needed – was well done, with time divided between information and instructions.  Options on opportunities.

Informative.  Mr. May was thorough, friendly, gave us time to make comments and answered questions.

I enjoyed all videos.  I especially enjoyed Mr. Curtis May’s presentation on the topic of Reconciliation.  It was indeed informative, full of laughter and driven by a passionate and sincere man of God.  Thank you!

I enjoyed the Masters of Invention video.  As a teacher, I can incorporate this for my students.  I also enjoyed the openness of discussion – I believe people felt safe to be honest and that’s extremely important

The openness/transparency of Mr. May and the opportunity for discussion/interaction.  Appreciated knowing the ministry exists and reminder of the role the body of Christ plays in reconciliation.  Truly enjoyed conversations with Mrs. May and the beautiful scarves.

Eye-opening films – follow up by discussion.  We appreciate the sacrifice and dedication Curtis and Jannice have displayed to keep ORM Christ-centric.

Really appreciated and enjoyed this seminar.  [To cover] the subject with Scripture was very helpful.  The presenter demonstrated great sincerity and passion – saying he felt an obligation to promote this ministry.

The outgoing and friendly presentation was very good.  The handouts were well done as well.

It was great – mind changing.  Answered a lot of questions.  Made me realize I still have more to do myself.

That I felt like I was really learning something and it was important.

The way it was presented, non-threatening and positive.


I liked that it was the ‘Truth” information and that it offered several views/steps that can be taken to soften people’s hearts and bring forgiveness.

– How to respond to others in their hurt.

– I learned there are a lot of areas that need reconciliation – areas I never thought of.

– Films – the one with the interviews of people’s experience.

Everything!  The presentation was great, as were the comments and experiences given by the congregation and Mr. May.  I’ve learned so much!  The problems go so much deeper than simply being able to go wherever and whenever you please.  Prejudices and inequalities seem to permeate every aspect of human civilization and is evidently worldwide.  This is not right!

Films were good.  Audience participation was very good.  Good example from Curtis May.

What suggestions do you have, if any, that might improve the workshop?

I can’t think of any suggestions at the moment.  Please continue doing what God has called you to do!  Reconcile broken relationships among humans and their spiritual lives.  This was awesome.  Learned a lot today.  Loved the invention film on our people.

The workshop was perfect.

I thought the entire presentation was very professional.

Please keep these workshops going as they are indeed a blessing!

Group activities that challenge preconceptions in a safe way would be, in my opinion, quite productive.  Or follow-up activities.

None, excellent.

What must one do to “train” to become a moderator/facilitator could be promoted in a way that opens ideas for community action.

A short session on the effectiveness of these principals dealing with other issues of contention, not just race.

Be hard to improve on.

More interaction: because I did not realize another view until we discussed it (about the DVD’s).

More personal examples.

Please don’t stop!  Everything was great with wonderful films.

Perhaps more emphasis on who we are in Christ – being a new man – new creation. I know this was addressed.

It was great.  I really cannot think of anything.

Drawing people out even more in discussion.

Other comments:

I think (Mr. May) you better stay in good health.  We need a lot more men like you.

I hurt so much hearing when Mr. May speaks of his past and how he was mistreated severely with the police officers.  To see him laugh and talk about it now brings hope and healing to my heart.  Thank God for ORM!

Keep up the good work of God!

Very informative!  Greatly appreciate you taking the time to come and make us more aware of the importance of Reconciliation within the Body of Christ and within the world.

I love to see how this has developed over time.  Kind of interested in bringing ORM into the classroom.

Loved the beautiful scarves!  Please come back, this topic is never old and/or outdated.  We’ve come a long way, even locally but still could use more diversity.  Please come again!

We may have to work on this together: how could we impact Tulsa, OK – the place where America’s largest race riot took place together?  As a couple who wants to make a difference in our urban area – how can we move something like an ORM conference forward in Tulsa?

Have more of them.

Good!  5 stars * * * * *

Thank you.  It helps me as a teacher.

This is God’s way and walls will fall with it by love extended to all.  Thanks for coming!

I think more interviews with different people is helpful in seeing the other person’s side and why they feel the way they do.  Really do appreciate your work in this area.

Keep up the good work!  People need to be made aware.  One can harbor prejudices and not even be aware of it!

Very well done.