Myrtle Beach Feedback October 10, 2009

What did you like most about the workshop?

Hearing the personal stories/experiences of the presenters; having the psychological basis of prejudice and racism defined and explained; receiving some concrete, practical steps to put into practice to foster reconciliation and alleviate conflict.

Stories of real time occurrences.  Presentations of other enthusiastic [participants].

The orderly flow of factual information.  It was well presented and on time.  Thank you very much for your love for God and obviously your love for your neighbor.

It helped me to understand the situation a lot better including myself.

The main thing that I picked up was the involvement of Christ in this process.


I think the complete class was very informative.

The knowledge and information.

What suggestions do you have, if any, that might improve the workshop?

It needs to be longer – I felt like trying to squeeze it into two hours did not give the presenters enough time to fully cover their material and did not allow the audience a time for Q & A.

Provide handouts of the items covered.  More stories from the audience.

I don’t have any.  Our prayers are forever with you in your ministry.  May Almighty God continue to lead and you follow Him all the days of your life.  Thank you, YBIC/YSIC.

I think it could have been earlier and more classes on the subject.

More recommended reading on ethnic history.

Other Comments


Gave needed information.

Otherwise, well done!!