October 2016 Monthly Letter

Dear Reconciler Family,

As we come to the close of the month of September 2016, I’m keenly reminded of events that took place on September 11, 2001. I’m sure many of you had some of the same thoughts. You knew where you were on that fateful day!

I was in Dallas, Texas conducting a leadership seminar on the topic of reconciliation with a room full of pastors. One pastor stepped down to the lobby of the hotel and could not believe his eyes. He looked at the big screen TV and saw the twin towers come tumbling to the ground. We all jumped up and went charging down to the lobby and stood stunned at what we saw.

Ministers’ Wives at the L.A. Connecting & Bonding Conference

Ministers’ Wives at the L.A. Connecting & Bonding Conference

Pastor and Chapter Leader Tom Picket hosted the event. I was stranded in Dallas for about 3 days before I could come home. Ironically, I am scheduled to visit Pastor Tom and his two congregations a few days from now.

One thing that was very noticeable was the “absolute friendliness of perfect strangers” to each other. But it didn’t take long for that to change and become business as usual. Today it’s “business as usual” and the politeness is gone.

I realize that I don’t have to tell you about the mudslinging, badgering, name calling and the polarization of the parties as we see another election on the horizon.

However, what a privilege it is as I reflect on you and the camaraderie that we have one with another. Your loyalty to the Ministry and you kind support that helps us to reach others with the message and ministry of reconciliation is inspiring. You ARE making a difference in a broken world.

I would like to end on this high note. My wife is Founder and President of a ministry named Connecting & Bonding, Inc. It’s an international ministry that serves minister’s wives. It has been very effective over the last 18 years of its existence. And it continues to be effective. What a privilege it is! The picture above is a portrait of some of the ladies who attended the annual ministers’ wives conference, which was held on Labor Day weekend.

Love and Blessings,