ORM Chapter Leader in Kosovo

April 16th, 2012

As I write, I am in Kosovo where I will be doing voluntary work. This time, I will again mainly work with women, often widows. Most of them are struggling with unresolved grief, self-worth and trauma. I will stay until end of May. It is a long stretch that may help the women to do a work in depth in themselves. I will be working with groups in churches, with missionaries, with people in nearby villages, in psycho-social projects in the community and I will also give some training to a group of psychotherapists. I met some of the leaders to prepare the programme. As much as I can, I will give workshops of eight weeks going through the grieving process and choice theory. I would appreciate your prayers for open minds and the Lord’s guidance for the teaching and using the finances appropriately.

As I go back through Switzerland, I will have the opportunity to give two workshops on Choice Theory. Most of the time, these workshops are very challenging as they emphasize the power and control we may use within our relationships with important people in our lives. They also encourage people to look at positive solutions to their problems. I gave this workshop to a group of friends after New Year’s and several experienced a real touch from God. It was great to see the healing work of the Father. In Switzerland also, I have, with some friends, created a charity (Shiloh projects). A friend of mine has offered to help me to create a website for advertisement.

Many blessings for your respective ministries.

With love in Christ.

Evelyne O’Callaghan Burkhard (ORM Chapter Leader for Southern Ireland)