Report on visit to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Hi prayers partners,

I am writing to say a BIG THANK YOU for your effectual prayers during my trip to Africa. In all the things I was asked to do I felt the presence of your prayers. I simply woke up each day not knowing all I would be asked to do and presented myself to God and claimed your prayers. Wow! Was it encouraging!

I represented the chairman of the U. S. Board of Directors for African Enterprise Ministry. I gave a report on our activities over the last year and participated in discussions about future missions activities.

The reports given by ministry leaders throughout the continent of Africa brought both tears of joy and tears of sorrow as they shared on campaigns that brought hundreds to Christ, church planting, service to AIDS patients, teaching about AIDS in the school systems and reconciliation in such places as Rwanda and the Kinshasha Republic (formerly the Belgian Congo). These brought the tears of joy.

Tears of sorrow came as reports were given on such places as Zimbabwe where conditions are worsening. Please pray for God’s will to be done and that great blessings would descend upon that land. Reports are that food is very scarce and many stores have empty shelves. Whites fear being persecuted more than ever, since a number of them own property. Many have left the country.

An AE representative and I had the opportunity to visit an AE supported school in Pietermaritzburg. The name of the school is Bonginkosi which means “Praise the Lord” in Zulu. It’s a Christian school in a very poor area.

I also had the opportunity to speak on the topic of reconciliation at Newton Special Education School in Pietermaritzburg. I had had a discussion with an instructor connected with AE, Robert Page. After hearing about what we do he asked me to speak and share whatever I wanted to. He said ORM has the missing piece to the puzzle that they need to help their students. So I spoke to teachers and staff. There were about 50 in attendance. I discussed the need to show love and concern as the foundation for effective motivation and encouragement to the students. I also gave 4 steps toward real healing and reconciliation. The response was very positive. Robert is working on his doctorate in emotional intelligence and requested ORM’s input.

I met fellow reconcilers who are working at high levels of government and among military factions in different parts of Africa. We will be sharing experiences and resources.

Finally, I spoke in the WCG church in Pietermaritzburg on Sunday, August 12, and in God’s Family Life Center on Sunday, August 19. This service helped to give me a RHYTHM TUNE—UP as we sang in English and Zulu. There were dancing moves involved. The altar call was given by retired All Souls Church pastor and author, Rev. Richard Bewes from London, whose grandfather was brought to Christ by D.L. Moody.

Three people came up to confess and accept Christ. By the way, the WCG congregation has a number of teens and young adults from a local shelter attending. Last week 2 teens were late and missed their pickup. THEY TOOK A TAXI AND PAID TO BE AT SERVICES! Uhmmm, they must like what they hear and see. Go pastor Rachel!

All and all, it was a great learning and expanding experience.

Thanks again,