September 2016 Monthly Letter

August 31st, 2016

Dear Reconciler Family,

I would like to begin the letter with some updates by Reconciliation Chapter Leader Evelyne O’Callaghan Burkhard:

Hi my Friends! I am now in Switzerland for the last six weeks. It seems like ages as I have really enjoyed visiting my family and touring up into the mountains. It has been very busy.

I will come back to Ireland on Tuesday for another six months before I leave for the Congo again. I have a few medical checkups to do and deal with some administrative paper work. My back has been given me some troubles the last few days. Hope it will get better soon.

I am hoping that I will be able to travel to England for a short time to see some friends. My travel back to the Congo is planned for the 22 of September for another year if it all goes well. I hope to see you soon.

With love and hugs,


I know she would appreciate our prayers as she is facing some “scary situations.”

I really appreciate our reconciliation family, your prayers, support and uplifting feedback, as we walk through this reconciliation journey of helping to resolve relationships by putting them into Hands of Jesus through prayer.

Curtis with his Aunt Willie

Curtis with his Aunt Willie

I was powerfully reminded of the beauty, love and blessings that are wrapped up in being a family.

One such blessed event was our Biennial Family Reunion, which took place in Atlanta, Georgia last month. We had around 80 family members between the ages of a few months to 94 years old. It was highlighted by delicious food, fun and fellowship!!! Each year this family event keeps up grounded and teaches our youth to love God, one another, and to respect their elders. It was well worth the trip.

Another wonderful event that my wife, Jannice and I attended was a 50th
birthday party to honor the daughter of a good friend of ours. We call her “our daughter,” too, since we have known her from the time she was a young girl.

Again, it was very striking to celebrate with the large gathering of people who filled the house and yard as we fellowshipped and ate together – White, Black, Hispanic and perhaps some other ethnic groups. We enjoyed eating and reminiscing about “old times.” The place was filled with laughter.

Reflecting on these happy gatherings reminds me of the great blessings that we have to look forward to when we meet Jesus and the great multitude of saints in heaven, our loved ones, and others. Notice Revelation 19:5-9: “Then a voice came from the throne saying: Praise our God, all you his servants, you who fear his name, both small and great! Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting: Hallelujah! For the Lord God Almighty reigns. Let us be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come and his bride has made herself ready.” (Fine linen, bright and clean, was given to her. Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of the saints.)

How awesome is our future! Thank you for being part of the Reconciliation Ministry Team!

Love and blessings,