February 4th, 2013



The Office of Reconciliation and Mediation (ORM) and its 28 chapter leaders continues to reach out to churches both inside and outside our fellowship. Recently we’ve held workshops in  Portland, Vancouver and Phoenix with a specially lively group discussion in Beaumont, California. The nature of our work forces us to be interdenominational as well as international, real plus.


On January 24, ORM’s editor, Neil Earle, interviewed the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s close friend and colleague Dr James Massey at Fuller Seminary’s second annual Black History Month Event. Dr Massey, an accomplished scholar and author of 18 books, is former Dean of Chapel at Tuskegee University and pastored in Detroit, Michigan during the turbulent 1960s.   “They (people) must know that we are one, then the commitment to fix our experiment in democracy will surely follow” he stated.

Dr. Massey


Please log on to to find out about upcoming events and ideas for Black History Month from a chapter near you. The map showing Chapter Leaders is on the site. See for a full report on the Massey lecture. You will also find a wealth of ideas.