Mending Broken Relationships

by John Paul Eddy with Curtis May and Neil Earle


An overview that is sound and spiritually uplifting.” This is Dr. Archibald Hart’s comment on the just-released ORM book, Mending Broken Relationships: Faith-Based Counseling for the 21st Century. Dr. Hart knows whereof he speaks. He is Dean Emeritus of Fuller Seminary’s Graduate School of Psychology, and is himself a proud contributor writing Chapter Nine, “Building A Happy Family.” Other chapter headings include “The Road to Racial Reconciliation” and “Sex Wars and Other Conflicts.”

“The original idea for the book came from a manuscript donated to ORM by Dr. John Paul Eddy, who is a legend of sorts in the field of Christian counseling,” says Curtis May. “We supplemented the Eddy manuscript with material from a wide body of counselors and psychologists including Dr. David Albert, Dr. Emma Justes, and John Dawson, President of the International Reconciliation Coalition.”

Comments on the book:

Thanks you so much for sending me a copy of Mending Broken Relationships. You and your ministry are truly a blessing to the Body of Christ, and I count it an honor and a privilege to serve as a co-laborer with you in the advancement of his kingdom! May we ever continue to seek his face and give praise for his mercies and amazing grace toward us!

Your brother in grace,
Dr. Jack W. Hayford

Thanks you so much for this book, Mending Broken Relationships—another great resource for the work we have given our lives to. Also I appreciate that you note United by Faith (which Dr. DeYoung helped author). Keep up the important ministry of reconciliation that you and your church have made such major strides in.

Dr. Curtis DeYoung

It was the British author E.M. Foster who wrote the memorable book, A Passage to India, who penned the words ‘Only Connect…’ This is the dream and desire of every human being regardless of social status, sex, religion or any of the other overt traits that are used to erect barriers between and amongst individuals. Mending Broken Relationships seeks not only to identify the causal reasons and factors which have caused social, physical, intellectual and mental disharmony, but to offer practical strategies that have been used by three Christian authors to execute one of the primary functions of the Christian Church, and that is to be an ‘instrument of reconciliation.’ This book will be an invaluable tool for all those who are involved in the ministry of reconciliation. Reconciliation is achievable. I heartily recommend it!

Trevor Brown, Course Director, Mathematics Education, OISE/University of Toronto, Toronto,Ontario

Thanks for sending me a copy of your book on Mending Broken Relationships! Just part way through but I can already say thanks very much for co-authoring a very enjoyable and useful book.

Dr. Karl Moore, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

The counseling book is a great reference tool. I realized the value from the first time I skimmed through the book. I was impressed by the helpful information contained in it. It is a tremendous resource for counseling. I am going to share it with several of my friends who are pastors. I pray that God will continue to open doors for your ministries and give you divine connections to bring love, peace, joy, hope and encouragement to those who are in need of healing.

Marcia Dunn, Administrative Specialist for the New Jersey Superior Court

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