Feedback from Oklahoma City Workshop Sept. 23-25, 2011

October 5th, 2011

What did you like most about the workshop?

What I liked was seeing how far the church has come and I don’t ever want it to be like it has been in the past.  I am glad we stayed to see these things happen.  I have customers that tell me they are not happy in their church.  They don’t feel welcome.  So I say, “Shop around and you will know it by the fruits of the people; you will say this is the place you can grow.  And by all means stay where you are planted.”

I liked the videos of hearing how people of all races and walks of life talk about the realness of racism and how it made them feel.  This truly touched me on a personal level, being an African American myself.  This workshop opened up some resentment that I need to overcome.

The atmosphere of openness and honesty, and that nothing was forced upon anyone.  The knowledge of reconciliation flowed freely.

Much needed – was well done, with time divided between information and instructions.  Options on opportunities.

Informative.  Mr. May was thorough, friendly, gave us time to make comments and answered questions.

I enjoyed all videos.  I especially enjoyed Mr. Curtis May’s presentation on the topic of Reconciliation.  It was indeed informative, full of laughter and driven by a passionate and sincere man of God.  Thank you!

I enjoyed the Masters of Invention video.  As a teacher, I can incorporate this for my students.  I also enjoyed the openness of discussion – I believe people felt safe to be honest and that’s extremely important

The openness/transparency of Mr. May and the opportunity for discussion/interaction.  Appreciated knowing the ministry exists and reminder of the role the body of Christ plays in reconciliation.  Truly enjoyed conversations with Mrs. May and the beautiful scarves.

Eye-opening films – follow up by discussion.  We appreciate the sacrifice and dedication Curtis and Jannice have displayed to keep ORM Christ-centric.

Really appreciated and enjoyed this seminar.  [To cover] the subject with Scripture was very helpful.  The presenter demonstrated great sincerity and passion – saying he felt an obligation to promote this ministry.

The outgoing and friendly presentation was very good.  The handouts were well done as well.

It was great – mind changing.  Answered a lot of questions.  Made me realize I still have more to do myself.

That I felt like I was really learning something and it was important.

The way it was presented, non-threatening and positive.


I liked that it was the ‘Truth” information and that it offered several views/steps that can be taken to soften people’s hearts and bring forgiveness.

– How to respond to others in their hurt.

– I learned there are a lot of areas that need reconciliation – areas I never thought of.

– Films – the one with the interviews of people’s experience.

Everything!  The presentation was great, as were the comments and experiences given by the congregation and Mr. May.  I’ve learned so much!  The problems go so much deeper than simply being able to go wherever and whenever you please.  Prejudices and inequalities seem to permeate every aspect of human civilization and is evidently worldwide.  This is not right!

Films were good.  Audience participation was very good.  Good example from Curtis May.

What suggestions do you have, if any, that might improve the workshop?

I can’t think of any suggestions at the moment.  Please continue doing what God has called you to do!  Reconcile broken relationships among humans and their spiritual lives.  This was awesome.  Learned a lot today.  Loved the invention film on our people.

The workshop was perfect.

I thought the entire presentation was very professional.

Please keep these workshops going as they are indeed a blessing!

Group activities that challenge preconceptions in a safe way would be, in my opinion, quite productive.  Or follow-up activities.

None, excellent.

What must one do to “train” to become a moderator/facilitator could be promoted in a way that opens ideas for community action.

A short session on the effectiveness of these principals dealing with other issues of contention, not just race.

Be hard to improve on.

More interaction: because I did not realize another view until we discussed it (about the DVD’s).

More personal examples.

Please don’t stop!  Everything was great with wonderful films.

Perhaps more emphasis on who we are in Christ – being a new man – new creation. I know this was addressed.

It was great.  I really cannot think of anything.

Drawing people out even more in discussion.

Other comments:

I think (Mr. May) you better stay in good health.  We need a lot more men like you.

I hurt so much hearing when Mr. May speaks of his past and how he was mistreated severely with the police officers.  To see him laugh and talk about it now brings hope and healing to my heart.  Thank God for ORM!

Keep up the good work of God!

Very informative!  Greatly appreciate you taking the time to come and make us more aware of the importance of Reconciliation within the Body of Christ and within the world.

I love to see how this has developed over time.  Kind of interested in bringing ORM into the classroom.

Loved the beautiful scarves!  Please come back, this topic is never old and/or outdated.  We’ve come a long way, even locally but still could use more diversity.  Please come again!

We may have to work on this together: how could we impact Tulsa, OK – the place where America’s largest race riot took place together?  As a couple who wants to make a difference in our urban area – how can we move something like an ORM conference forward in Tulsa?

Have more of them.

Good!  5 stars * * * * *

Thank you.  It helps me as a teacher.

This is God’s way and walls will fall with it by love extended to all.  Thanks for coming!

I think more interviews with different people is helpful in seeing the other person’s side and why they feel the way they do.  Really do appreciate your work in this area.

Keep up the good work!  People need to be made aware.  One can harbor prejudices and not even be aware of it!

Very well done.

Myrtle Beach Feedback October 10, 2009

November 16th, 2009

What did you like most about the workshop?

Hearing the personal stories/experiences of the presenters; having the psychological basis of prejudice and racism defined and explained; receiving some concrete, practical steps to put into practice to foster reconciliation and alleviate conflict.

Stories of real time occurrences.  Presentations of other enthusiastic [participants].

The orderly flow of factual information.  It was well presented and on time.  Thank you very much for your love for God and obviously your love for your neighbor.

It helped me to understand the situation a lot better including myself.

The main thing that I picked up was the involvement of Christ in this process.


I think the complete class was very informative.

The knowledge and information.

What suggestions do you have, if any, that might improve the workshop?

It needs to be longer – I felt like trying to squeeze it into two hours did not give the presenters enough time to fully cover their material and did not allow the audience a time for Q & A.

Provide handouts of the items covered.  More stories from the audience.

I don’t have any.  Our prayers are forever with you in your ministry.  May Almighty God continue to lead and you follow Him all the days of your life.  Thank you, YBIC/YSIC.

I think it could have been earlier and more classes on the subject.

More recommended reading on ethnic history.

Other Comments


Gave needed information.

Otherwise, well done!!

Feedback from Workshop in Greensboro, NC

April 24th, 2009

“I enjoyed all aspects of the workshop.  The videos were extremely informative.  I was initially somewhat reluctant to attend, primarily due to the guilt feelings generated onto the white brethren.  However, the environment was non-confrontational and quite relaxing.  I enjoyed the workshop tremendously.”

[What I liked most about the workshop was] “the PowerPoint presentation that pointed to the different kinds of racism and the contributions made by black Americans.”

“Everything was great.  I especially enjoyed the panel sharing trials they had encountered in their lives.”

[What I liked most about the workshop was] “the opportunity to share with my brothers and sisters things about me that might not come up outside the safe environment of the workshop.”

Richmond and Portsmouth Feedback

September 13th, 2008

Ministry Development Training Session in Dallas, Georgia

February 24th, 2008

Conducted a Ministry Development Training Session in Dallas, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. We had representatives, including pastors and other congregational leaders, from several states. Our focus throughout the first day was the topic of conflict and racial issues and offering solutions. The responsiveness and lively participation was inspiring. We felt led by God

The day ended with Pastor Tom Mahan and me standing together before the audience and sharing sentiments of unity, love and appreciation. The session ended with a standing ovation! I pointed out that Dr. Tkach said “the ministry of reconciliation fits perfectly into the Trinitarian Relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” That led us to the Communion Table where Dr. John McKenna says reconciliation begins. He also said reconciliation begins where we end. And each member treated me with a hug and a parting comment of appreciation on their way to the Table.

On Sunday, I had the privilege of giving a sermon on Jesus’ example of breaking barriers and crossing boundaries—pointing out that He is our all-time example. The event was well organized by Pastor Tom Mahan. It really did open up an opportunity to take all our hurts, divisions and disagreements to the Lord’s Table and put it under the Lordship of Jesus.

A sampling of the feedback comments passed in:

“It was so enlightening. As a young lady who was born in the church, I didn’t really realize all that existed among Christians. I really appreciated that the workshop was not put into place to attack any one group but to reconcile an entire group, brothers and sisters in Christ. I encourage all different kinds of people, socially, economically, ethnically, etc., to attend. Everyone can leave with something beneficial.”

“What I liked most about the workshop was how open and honest people were about their reconciliation toward God and each other.”

“Would like to thank Worldwide Church of God for having various workshops. It’s a real blessing and enjoyable. Love it when we come together.”

“It truly was an eye opener and I’m very glad that I came to hear and see it for myself. I thank God that He does have a time and season for everything.”

“Allowed people to open their hearts and talk and thus heal.”

“Thanks, we needed this!”

Hi Mr. Mahan,

We all just wanted to thank you for being such a good DPL. The seminar was great and it really has us doing a lot of soul searching.

Today we had a special service for those who did not attend the seminar and had a mini seminar of our own. We tried to do a recap of the seminar and everyone who attended got up and told what they had learned. The service went overtime. It was like nobody wanted to go home. It was like a continuation of the seminar.

I reviewed some of the information in the booklet “Standing in the GAP” and we plan to order one for every member. I also obtained the video and next week we will again have a special service and view the video.

Everyone that attended was saying that we should reach out to the other denominations in our area to make them aware that our church has a Reconciliation Ministry. When we first started as a home church we had services every other week and on the opposite week we would get together as a group and visit another congregation not of our own denomination. In our earlier years we always talked about meeting with the ministers from the other churches in our area to do some networking. Who knows maybe something like this could be in their hearts also

Your sister in Christ Jesus,


San Jose Workshop Questionnaire Responses

August 22nd, 2007
What did you like most about the workshop?
  • I think everyone should see it.
  • Videos were very revealing and educational.
  • I liked the education of how we have been brainwashed to hate—and the help to see we can forgive and ask for forgiveness. Thank you.
  • It touched on a topic that we all like to know and all must know.
  • Mr. Dawson’s apology to women. I was raped as a child and never heard a man say that. I liked it all!
  • A greater awareness of the pain of blacks
  • I was not aware of the history behind some of the stereotypes.
  • What I like most of the workshop of ORM is the word “reconciliation” because people don’t know that this is the continuation of God’s work through Jesus Christ, to reconcile all people to him—by Jesus Christ. The image of God (Gen. 1:27). Note: I have much to explain about this work of God, but there is not much space to write. John 14:10-11 = believe the work of the Father through Jesus Christ his image. Verse 24—Jesus sayings are the Word of God – because Jesus Christ is the word of God.
  • I liked its completeness and that each of us has an equal responsibility and opportunity to be a part of this movement.
  • Content presentation
  • This was excellent…the videos were very revealing. I was raised (since age 3) in WCG and none of these things in the 1st video were allowed. None of the books or songs were ever seen or heard until today.
  • I like the complete presentation. Jesus came to reconcile us together and it is good to see his work being accomplished.
  • –Very informative, educational and open door to reconciliation and understanding. –Gave a perspective to history and why stereotypes exist. –Rosa Parks video left a feeling of pride of overcoming in African-American history.
  • Great history lessons. Rosa Parks didn’t know she wasn’t sitting in her correct seat. The presentation has tremendous insight on all levels. Very bold, straight forward, plenty of wisdom and edifying.
  • To know or learn that there are different kinds of reconciliation that are needed—work, personal and etc. I’m glad to have been a part of it. It will cause me to look and work at getting it out of my life.
  • Your printed handouts. Video, “Masters of Invention,” would be great to get out to schools/libraries especially during Black History celebrations.
  • This workshop brought up issues that needed to be said, so we all could move to where God wants us to be as reconcilers.
  • The video “Ethnic Notions” was very educational. There were so many things I was unaware of. Thank you. I also very much enjoyed the “Mighty Times” video. I appreciate Rosa Parks and I’ve never seen much about Martin Luther King. Again, thank you.
  • Curtis was a fine speaker, not “hard-handed,” clear and articulate.
  • I most appreciated the elements of American history I’d never understood before and I was most saddened by it, but thankful that we are reconciled in Christ and in this workshop.
  • Honesty and to the point
  • The things I learned about the contribution that blacks made in history. Things that make us who we are is understanding our history of where we all come from.

Other comments

  • May God be with you and help you with the great work you have started.
  • The presentation was great. Thank you for coming. And we pray you continue this great work God is sending you to. God Bless!
  • Speaker and videos were excellent.
  • Thank you and praise God for your work. Keep the torch lit and pass it on again.
  • Thank you. The ministry can be of future value to many.
  • God’s relationship with his human creation was destroyed by Satan when Adam and Eve were deceived. John 5:36
  • I really want this work to continue and to be successful. In Jesus name, Amen.
  • Thanks
  • A great work of God and I am glad I came.
  • The sincerity of Mr. May and Mr. Dahlgren is appreciated and needed in this congregation/church as many incidents in the past do still impact many people today. I hope many others who no longer attend could hear this message. Thank you Mr. May for bringing this learning to each of us. May God bless you and your family.
  • I believe it is a good work. Many do not know why we all are the way we are. It is a must and keep up this very noble work.
  • May God continue to bless you in this valuable ministry.
  • I now know why God put me into the WCG my home, to discover my gifts He has given me to be a reconciler.
  • Thank you. I didn’t think I needed this workshop but I see now that I did. Sandy Garside
  • Needs more focus on other racial groups—We have many Filipinos here in San Jose.
  • Thank you for all your work in this matter you presented today. May God bless you and the work God has called you to do in the ministry of reconciliation.

Report on visit to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

August 20th, 2007

Hi prayers partners,

I am writing to say a BIG THANK YOU for your effectual prayers during my trip to Africa. In all the things I was asked to do I felt the presence of your prayers. I simply woke up each day not knowing all I would be asked to do and presented myself to God and claimed your prayers. Wow! Was it encouraging!

I represented the chairman of the U. S. Board of Directors for African Enterprise Ministry. I gave a report on our activities over the last year and participated in discussions about future missions activities.

The reports given by ministry leaders throughout the continent of Africa brought both tears of joy and tears of sorrow as they shared on campaigns that brought hundreds to Christ, church planting, service to AIDS patients, teaching about AIDS in the school systems and reconciliation in such places as Rwanda and the Kinshasha Republic (formerly the Belgian Congo). These brought the tears of joy.

Tears of sorrow came as reports were given on such places as Zimbabwe where conditions are worsening. Please pray for God’s will to be done and that great blessings would descend upon that land. Reports are that food is very scarce and many stores have empty shelves. Whites fear being persecuted more than ever, since a number of them own property. Many have left the country.

An AE representative and I had the opportunity to visit an AE supported school in Pietermaritzburg. The name of the school is Bonginkosi which means “Praise the Lord” in Zulu. It’s a Christian school in a very poor area.

I also had the opportunity to speak on the topic of reconciliation at Newton Special Education School in Pietermaritzburg. I had had a discussion with an instructor connected with AE, Robert Page. After hearing about what we do he asked me to speak and share whatever I wanted to. He said ORM has the missing piece to the puzzle that they need to help their students. So I spoke to teachers and staff. There were about 50 in attendance. I discussed the need to show love and concern as the foundation for effective motivation and encouragement to the students. I also gave 4 steps toward real healing and reconciliation. The response was very positive. Robert is working on his doctorate in emotional intelligence and requested ORM’s input.

I met fellow reconcilers who are working at high levels of government and among military factions in different parts of Africa. We will be sharing experiences and resources.

Finally, I spoke in the WCG church in Pietermaritzburg on Sunday, August 12, and in God’s Family Life Center on Sunday, August 19. This service helped to give me a RHYTHM TUNE—UP as we sang in English and Zulu. There were dancing moves involved. The altar call was given by retired All Souls Church pastor and author, Rev. Richard Bewes from London, whose grandfather was brought to Christ by D.L. Moody.

Three people came up to confess and accept Christ. By the way, the WCG congregation has a number of teens and young adults from a local shelter attending. Last week 2 teens were late and missed their pickup. THEY TOOK A TAXI AND PAID TO BE AT SERVICES! Uhmmm, they must like what they hear and see. Go pastor Rachel!

All and all, it was a great learning and expanding experience.

Thanks again,


Feedback from Subscribers and Workshop Attendees

March 22nd, 2007

Dear Curtis,

Thank you for a wonderful weekend at your church. We are returning the video (Healing the Hurts). Appreciate you loaning it to us. May God bless you abundantly. We deeply appreciate your kindness.

Tom Claus: President, CHIEF [Christian Hope Indian Eskimo Fellowship] Inc.

Dear Curtis:

…In reviewing your…achievements I want to commend you for all the many things you have accomplished. Please know how highly I respect what you are doing and appreciate being included as part of this council.

May the Lord continue to guide you in this vital ministry. I look forward in the future of being part of this.”

Jack W. Hayford

Greeting in the Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

While surfing the web, I came to your ORM site. I must say this is one of the most powerful information giving sites that I perosnally have viewed. I’m interested in obtaining a copy of your message, “What Was Jesus Dream?” I’ll be perusing the remainder of your website for a complete overview as it pertains to ORM.

In His Service,
Alto McCarthy
Barstow, CA
U.S. Navy Retired

“I praise God for what he is doing in your ministry! Keep up the good work! You are in my prayers.”

“God is so merciful that I’m able to participate in your program and I’m hoping and praying that one day I’ll be able to attend one of your conferences.”

“Just a note from one Alabamian to another. Thank you for letting God work through you in this Reconciliation Ministry. Keep up the good work God has placed you into.”

“This is a year to celebrate the memory of William Wilberforce. I’ve read lots about him this year and enjoyed also reading your letters.”

Pastor Curtis & Jannice May,
Thank you for being on the front lines for reconcilinig relationships!
One in Christ,
Vivian Malcomson

This is a fine work you are doing!
Mary Lou Diehl

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