Ministry Development Training Session in Dallas, Georgia

February 24th, 2008

Conducted a Ministry Development Training Session in Dallas, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. We had representatives, including pastors and other congregational leaders, from several states. Our focus throughout the first day was the topic of conflict and racial issues and offering solutions. The responsiveness and lively participation was inspiring. We felt led by God

The day ended with Pastor Tom Mahan and me standing together before the audience and sharing sentiments of unity, love and appreciation. The session ended with a standing ovation! I pointed out that Dr. Tkach said “the ministry of reconciliation fits perfectly into the Trinitarian Relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” That led us to the Communion Table where Dr. John McKenna says reconciliation begins. He also said reconciliation begins where we end. And each member treated me with a hug and a parting comment of appreciation on their way to the Table.

On Sunday, I had the privilege of giving a sermon on Jesus’ example of breaking barriers and crossing boundaries—pointing out that He is our all-time example. The event was well organized by Pastor Tom Mahan. It really did open up an opportunity to take all our hurts, divisions and disagreements to the Lord’s Table and put it under the Lordship of Jesus.

A sampling of the feedback comments passed in:

“It was so enlightening. As a young lady who was born in the church, I didn’t really realize all that existed among Christians. I really appreciated that the workshop was not put into place to attack any one group but to reconcile an entire group, brothers and sisters in Christ. I encourage all different kinds of people, socially, economically, ethnically, etc., to attend. Everyone can leave with something beneficial.”

“What I liked most about the workshop was how open and honest people were about their reconciliation toward God and each other.”

“Would like to thank Worldwide Church of God for having various workshops. It’s a real blessing and enjoyable. Love it when we come together.”

“It truly was an eye opener and I’m very glad that I came to hear and see it for myself. I thank God that He does have a time and season for everything.”

“Allowed people to open their hearts and talk and thus heal.”

“Thanks, we needed this!”

Hi Mr. Mahan,

We all just wanted to thank you for being such a good DPL. The seminar was great and it really has us doing a lot of soul searching.

Today we had a special service for those who did not attend the seminar and had a mini seminar of our own. We tried to do a recap of the seminar and everyone who attended got up and told what they had learned. The service went overtime. It was like nobody wanted to go home. It was like a continuation of the seminar.

I reviewed some of the information in the booklet “Standing in the GAP” and we plan to order one for every member. I also obtained the video and next week we will again have a special service and view the video.

Everyone that attended was saying that we should reach out to the other denominations in our area to make them aware that our church has a Reconciliation Ministry. When we first started as a home church we had services every other week and on the opposite week we would get together as a group and visit another congregation not of our own denomination. In our earlier years we always talked about meeting with the ministers from the other churches in our area to do some networking. Who knows maybe something like this could be in their hearts also

Your sister in Christ Jesus,


Report on visit to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

August 20th, 2007

Hi prayers partners,

I am writing to say a BIG THANK YOU for your effectual prayers during my trip to Africa. In all the things I was asked to do I felt the presence of your prayers. I simply woke up each day not knowing all I would be asked to do and presented myself to God and claimed your prayers. Wow! Was it encouraging!

I represented the chairman of the U. S. Board of Directors for African Enterprise Ministry. I gave a report on our activities over the last year and participated in discussions about future missions activities.

The reports given by ministry leaders throughout the continent of Africa brought both tears of joy and tears of sorrow as they shared on campaigns that brought hundreds to Christ, church planting, service to AIDS patients, teaching about AIDS in the school systems and reconciliation in such places as Rwanda and the Kinshasha Republic (formerly the Belgian Congo). These brought the tears of joy.

Tears of sorrow came as reports were given on such places as Zimbabwe where conditions are worsening. Please pray for God’s will to be done and that great blessings would descend upon that land. Reports are that food is very scarce and many stores have empty shelves. Whites fear being persecuted more than ever, since a number of them own property. Many have left the country.

An AE representative and I had the opportunity to visit an AE supported school in Pietermaritzburg. The name of the school is Bonginkosi which means “Praise the Lord” in Zulu. It’s a Christian school in a very poor area.

I also had the opportunity to speak on the topic of reconciliation at Newton Special Education School in Pietermaritzburg. I had had a discussion with an instructor connected with AE, Robert Page. After hearing about what we do he asked me to speak and share whatever I wanted to. He said ORM has the missing piece to the puzzle that they need to help their students. So I spoke to teachers and staff. There were about 50 in attendance. I discussed the need to show love and concern as the foundation for effective motivation and encouragement to the students. I also gave 4 steps toward real healing and reconciliation. The response was very positive. Robert is working on his doctorate in emotional intelligence and requested ORM’s input.

I met fellow reconcilers who are working at high levels of government and among military factions in different parts of Africa. We will be sharing experiences and resources.

Finally, I spoke in the WCG church in Pietermaritzburg on Sunday, August 12, and in God’s Family Life Center on Sunday, August 19. This service helped to give me a RHYTHM TUNE—UP as we sang in English and Zulu. There were dancing moves involved. The altar call was given by retired All Souls Church pastor and author, Rev. Richard Bewes from London, whose grandfather was brought to Christ by D.L. Moody.

Three people came up to confess and accept Christ. By the way, the WCG congregation has a number of teens and young adults from a local shelter attending. Last week 2 teens were late and missed their pickup. THEY TOOK A TAXI AND PAID TO BE AT SERVICES! Uhmmm, they must like what they hear and see. Go pastor Rachel!

All and all, it was a great learning and expanding experience.

Thanks again,


White House Conference on Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

May 15th, 2007

On Tuesday, May 15 and Wednesday, May 16, Curtis May will attend a conference in Phoenix hosted by the White House and the Departments of Justice, Commerce, Agriculture, Labor, Veterans Affairs, Health & Human Services, Housing & Urban Development, Education, and Homeland Security, the Agency for International Development, and the Small Business Administration to help social service organizations learn more about President Bush’s Faith-Based and Community Initiative. These conferences are geared towards faith-based and community organizations that have no history of applying for government grants, as well as those that have applied, but have not yet been successful.

The conference is part of a series of regional events that are being held around the country. The conferences provide participants with a general overview of the Faith-Based and Community Initiative, information about the government grants process and available funding opportunities, and an overview of the legal responsibilities that come with the receipt of Federal funds.

7th Annual Ethnic America Conference

April 22nd, 2007

Curtis May attended the 7th Annual Ethnic America Conference in Seattle. Here are excerpts from his report:

A lineup of outstanding speakers gave broadening messages on why the church must live out the love of Jesus and share it with the lost. It was strongly emphasized that reconciliation “goes with the territory” if we’re Christians.

Jannice and I were invited as guests of the Planning Committee and Speakers Luncheon. We learned a lot about the inner workings of the organization. ORM Chapter Leader and Director of Operations of East Gates Ministries International, Tina Graham, joined us on Friday and also attended that luncheon. We all had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and share what we do.

The 2008 Conference will be in St. Louis on April 10-12.

On Sunday I spoke to two of our congregations combined in Everett, Washington, pastored by Bill Miller. We had a great time as I discussed the Lifeline Expedition Trip to England and showed video footage of the reconciling work that’s being accomplished through Lifeline. (ORM, as you may know, is in partnership with them.) As I was finishing my sermon, in walked film producer Michael Lineau of Lifeline, with his wife and eight children. (They would have arrived earlier but made a wrong turn.) We had a mini workshop as they all joined me on the stage. The audience was lively and responsive.

The most important thing for me was the reinforcement, renewing and transformational impact of being in fellowship with 600 turned-on reconcilers!

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