Around the Horn


Around the Horn

“Around the Horn” is a baseball expression, as most of you know. After an out is made, the infield players will throw the ball to third, short, second and first base. So I will “toss the ball” in telling you about the latest round of ORM activities.

Recently I was asked, “Could you tell me what ORM is and what you are all about?” Here¹s my reply: The Office of Reconciliation Ministries was founded in early 1996 and has now enjoyed a decade of ministry. During that time we have established over 20 chapters in 5 countries‹Canada, England, Ireland, South Africa and the USA. We have a flagship video titled Reconciliation‹A Move of God; a book, Mending Broken Relationships; a newsletter called Reconcile; and a website, Our ministry activities include workshops, conferences, dialogue/mediation, mentoring and training. We have held these activities primarily in churches, schools, city halls and police departments. It¹s all done voluntarily with only one part-time paid staff member. It¹s funded through voluntary donations. Our work includes removing walls between people and building bridges of healing. We work to mend broken relationships.

We received this feedback from a Day of Dialogue held at a middle school in Pasadena: “Most of the students indicated that they learned something that day that would result in a change in behavior when next they interact with an officer of the Pasadena Police Department. Many just appreciated having had the opportunity to speak with an officer and have questions

ORM was honored on June 7. Here is an excerpt from the letter of invitation: “Each year the Pasadena Human Relations Commission has the privilege of administering the Harry Sheldon Award. Through a broad community outreach for nominations, the Commission selects individuals, programs or organizations that have, via their effort, worked diligently to build bridges and improve human relations within the City of Pasadena. Therefore, it is an honor to be able to inform you that you have been selected to receive the Harry Sheldon Organization Award for 2006. Please accept our heartfelt congratulations.”

Our work continues to move forward as there¹s no end to the need. Thanks for your help!

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