September 2018 Monthly Letter

Dear ORM Reconcilers,

On August 11, 2018, my wife, Jannice and I attended our third Mid-Summer Night’s Concert, produced by Nat Nehdar. The weather was perfect for such an event and sitting under the stars made it extra special! We arrived to find empty chairs on the lawn, but by the time the concert began, the stars were out in full force lighting up the sky, and the chairs were full!

Nat Nadar

This year, while Nat was opening the event and welcoming us all back again to the concert, he explained how this event would benefit the community. Then he mentioned the importance of getting to know our communities and the people in the communities. “How can we help one another if we don’t know each another?” Then he said, “Considering the times in which we are living, we need to know each other.”

The following paragraph was sent to me by Nat: “If everyone thought of the community as a member of the family, then our communities would become safe for all of us, and especially for our children. A family is: unity, support, love, trust, caring, honesty, integrity, and helping each other in time of need. Therefore, if each neighbor within the community feels the same way toward his or her neighbors, like a family, then with God’s blessings, that is when a good, healthy community will thrive and exist.”

This concert has been going on for 9 years! Not only has the music been great, featuring world class artists who share their talents without getting paid because they believe in what Nat is doing; these concerts bring people of all colors together every year to eat together and listen to great music under the stars.

We may not have the ability to perform in concerts, but we all have our own gifts and talents which we can use to encourage others. Thank you, again, for your kind support, your prayers, and donations for the Ministry of Reconciliation.

As Jesus said in Luke 2:49: “Why were you searching for me? Do you not know that I must be about my Father’s business?” I think we all can relate to Jesus as we are about His business.

May God bless us all.